Hi I'm Donna,  the face behind Pause Pack by Donna. 

Like many of you I'm a wife, a mother, and a grandmother.  I work a full time job as a project manager, and  volunteer for a women group that promotes safety and self protection.  At 52 I enjoy spending time with family and being outdoors and active.  Each year I attempt to push myself to try new things and get outside my comfort zone.  I've taught myself to knit, tackled hiking trails, learned to shoot both handguns and rifles, and tried starting a blog.  My latest adventure is Pause Pack by Donna.  

Pause Pack by Donna was created to bring women over 50 a box of goodies to put on a smile on their face.  Deliver surprises to their mailbox with products addressing menopause relief, travel, safety, and wellness.  I love getting mail and I love surprises (at least the good kind).  So why not put that together.  

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you over this new phase of life (50+ woot woot).